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The future is now

Renewable energy for a global energy transition

Greening Group was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the University of Granada, with the aim of bringing both public and private companies closer to the promotion of renewable energies through the design and construction of industrial self-consumption facilities, solar water pumping and development of energy efficiency projects.

We were born with a global vocation and from the beginning we have been committed to internationalization. We are currently present in the main economies of Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Germany) and North America (United States and Mexico), as well as in Morocco.

We rely on technology and innovation to design and develop our photovoltaic self-consumption projects.

Sustainability is the core business of our company and a commitment to society to build a more sustainable world for future generations by replacing fossil fuels with renewable and clean energy, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint.


Renewable-focused energy group

We manage more than 2,000 100% green and sustainable energy supply points.

puntos de suministro de energia

We have developed 200 MW of energy in industrial self-consumption facilities.


puntos de suministro de energia

We are committed to the future with more than 55,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided in the atmosphere.

puntos de suministro de energia

We move thanks to the drive and talent of our more than 700 professionals.

puntos de suministro de energia
Committed to sustainability

to build a better world for future generations

People are our energy

We are a global company where we are guided by the same values of more than 600 employees, which helps us create a unique and integrated corporate culture in all countries.

We constantly work to achieve excellence in our services through innovative and creative solutions, relying on the best talent to help us achieve maximum satisfaction and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Greening Group worldwide
Present in 7 countries on 3 continents

At Greening Group we are working to build a more sustainable world.


We bring renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions all over the world.


We are present in seven countries on three continents: Europe, America and Africa. We have our own offices in Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Rome, Milan, Mexico City, Monterrey and Rabat.


We have recently entered three new markets, opening offices in Düsseldorf, Miami and Lyon

Business lines for energy transition

Vertically integrated through power generation

Today, Greening Group is made up of a total of seven companies, each of which specialises in a service area that allows us to be vertically integrated throughout the value chain.

This experience has allowed us to develop a 360° service as a partner of our clients in any area of the energy sector.

The Greening Group offers a complete range of services: Product manufacturing, Engineering and Construction of installations, Energy Generation and Energy Marketing.



Companies belonging to the group

Sustainable Development Goals

At Greening Group we work to build a more sustainable world. That is why we cooperate to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In 2015, 17 SDGs were detailed with the aim of achieving them by 2030. These goals were created with the aim of achieving a better future and protecting the planet..

Customers who already trust us

One of our objectives is to become a national and international benchmark in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector.

Several companies from all over the world already count on Greening Group.


AUTOCONSUMO INDUSTRIAL Proyectos de referencia Ubicación: Guadalajara

Potencia instalada: 1,026 MWp

Producción anual: 1.512 MWh

Ahorro de emisiones: 341,51 t de CO2
UTILITY SCALES Proyectos de referencia Ubicación: Zafra (Badajoz)

Potencia instalada: 5 MWp

Estatus: Completada
EFICIENCIA ENERGÉTICA Proyectos de referencia Ubicación: Guinea (Guinea)

Potencia instalada: 504,9 kWp

Objetivo: Iluminación para población aislada

Solución: Sistema aislado de energía con 152 farolas LED
O&M Proyectos de referencia Ubicación: Sevilla

Potencia instalada: 2.520 kWp

Producción anual: 3.850 MWh

Ahorro de emisiones: 1.763 t de CO2

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